Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why am i so fat?

This video was very touching. I felt the little kids emotions and I think this is a very good video that concerns childhood obesity.

My reflection

My required blog post for this week was to start my reflection. I havent started my reflection yet, because i havent finished my video. I should be done with my video within the next couple of days. So therefore, once im done with my video i will start my reflection.


In my video i will use pathos, ethos, and logos. I will mainly use pathos, so that parents could possibly feel guilty emotionally and would want to stop the problem, which is childhood obesity. The design, color, image, and sounds could all effect my argument if I dont use them right. If the font is a playful font, then my audiance wouldnt take my presentation serious. If my presentation is to colorful, it will appear that that the issue isnt serious either.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Procrastination is horrible! I've been procrastinating making this video and i know i still have time but i feel like i don't. So therefore, i plan on working on this video everyday until i get it how i want it. After trying to use the movie maker i found out that its going to be harder than i thought!

Required blog post for 4/12

This video is directed to parents to address childhood obesity. Im inspired by this video because it is exactly how i want my video to be like. It sets a sad mood and makes you want to fix the problem.

Required blog post for 4/12

My video progression..

So far for my English 1060 project, im making good progress. I havent started making the actual video just yet but Im going to start this week. My biggest problem so far is trying to figure out what music i am going to use. I've gotten all my pictures and i have a clear picture in my head of how i want my video to look. I hope it comes out exactly how i want it!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Porfolio 3 so far..

I'm really excited about making this video for my English 1060 class. I think it will be fun, and I'm a creative person so i think i will do well on it. I got almost all my sources i want to use for my video. I just got to pick the music and do other small things.